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Bougainvillea Tours will show you all the wonderful
and divine places in South India...


Your tour guide will be Ashok, a local Tamilian who was born and raised in Tiruvannamalai, the holy town in South India. He carries ancestral knowledge about the area and allows you to have a deeper experience of the sacred sites through his knowledgeable guidance.

All the tours are arranged according to your needs, whether you come alone or as a group. He organizes half as well as full day tours in Tiruvannamalai and surrounding areas.

Please contact Bougainvillea Tours to discuss dates and times, and to book a tour.

Dear Visitor, I am traveling out of india due to my art project and I will get back to the guiding after I complete the project, sorry for the inconvinience.




Arunachala Temple


Ashok will give you simple guidance and precise explanations and insight to all the layers of meaning behind the history of this temple and the practice of worshipping in this temple.

(Duration-2 hours)



Jain Temples and ancient Beds sculptured in the rock



During this one day tour you will get an introduction to Jainism. Ashok will show you their meditative artwork as well as cave paintings that are more than 800 years old.We will also visit the cave temple as well as see the outstanding carvings and cave paintings.

(Duration-1 day)



Spiritual(shiva) Lingams



Ashok will show you and explain to you the 8 important Spiritual Shiva Lingams around the mountain path in Tiruvannamalai.

(Duration-3 hours)




This sculpture will inspire you to focus on drawing more

love and passion into your life.

When you see this sculpture, you will be reminded of the loving energy and passion created when two people are passionately in love. It is an amazing and inspiring place to visit.


(Duration-half day)


Healing Caves


 Arunachala is within, and not without. The Self is Arunachala. The mystery of the caves is the mystery of the Self. It is God, the universal teacher who teaches the eternal truth in silence. To sit in the proximity of Arunachala or even to think of the mountain will quieten the mind. To enter into its silence is to melt into its unfathomable bliss. You will forget your name, form, sex, your profession, your family, and all that you were until then. It is actually an indescribable experience, quite impossible to put into words. No one can understand it apart from the one who is fortunate enough to have been there. Those who know of it cannot talk about it. Those who talk of it do not know it.

(Duration-3 hours)



Jeeva Samadhis in Tiruvannamalai


Jeeva Samadhi means becoming one with the universal consciousness or merging with the Divine. It has different terms and is used as different wards in different religion. Buddhist calls it Nirvana and Christians call it ecstasy or merging with the spirit. In samadhi one remains immersed in infinite bliss and the time one can remain in samadhi ranges from few minutes to time infinite. After a divine person takes Samadhi there are various ways of disposing the physical body.

(Duration-1 day)





Silent Meditation

During the silent meditation to be done in caves specially selected by Ashok, he will thru his intuition guide you to the right spot where you can then allow the vibration of the cave to take you deep within.

(Duration-2 hours)


Tree Hugging Meditation

After some trekking, you will be taken to a special tree selected by Ashok's own experience (these trees are surrounded by herbs and are situated in a cool spot) where he will then guide you to connect with the spirit of the tree.

(Duration-2 hours)


Soul Opening Meditation

A method learnt by Ashok's grandfather, he will share a specific meditation Technique that will help to open the soul. This process occurs naturally, step by step according to your readiness.

(Duration-3 days)





Trekking Arunachala

Arunachala is known by the Tamilians as Shiva; the soul of silence. During this trekking you can enjoy and breathe in the fragrance of the herbs in the area. The trekking is a deep meditative experience where you can allow yourself to merge with the natural surroundings, and connect with the Truth of Being. You will be guided all the way to the top of the mountain. This takes about 6 hours, although the length of time depends on how many stops you need to make and how long you would like to stay at the top.

(Duration-6 hours)


Spiritual Spring

For a powerful experience of Arunachala Mountain, you can choose a trekking to the top where there is a spring, and where we will spend the night to absorb the spiritual vibration of the mountain as well as the vibration of the stars and moon.

Four activities make this journey complete and clear

  • Holy water sprinkle
  • Mantra singing
  • Meditation
  • Healing

The main concept of the journey

Broke the ego Light your soul

(Duration-1 day)





Pottery making




The art of pottery making is an old and traditional one. A lot of work and creativity goes into getting these products to their final shape. Learn these secrets and techniques at Discovery Village and have fun making your own special pottery piece.

(Duration-3 hours)



Warli painting-workshop



Warli painting is a very popular form of tribal painting.  Their major themes include the harvest season, celebration, wedding, rituals and births. Our artist Kumar will be teaching you how to paint warli with different materials!

(Duration-2 hours)

(Sundays only)





Bird Watching

 Bird watching in Tiruvannamalai.

Early morning (or) evening with a guide we take you to the forest (or) a lake (or) a mountain to see the most special birds from this area.

  If you want bring your binoculars and your telescope camera.

 (Duration-3 hours)


Lake View

A calm, clear, cool lake lies in its hole whilst wondering in the woods.Cluster of rocks sorrounds and protects it.Sorrounded by a colourful red soil path.Breathing in the smell of glorious spring, as chattering frogs and birds singing.

(Duration-half day)

Mouna Stone healing


Ashok offers this healing for last 5 years. Mouna stone Healing based on a traditional art form in south India , Only a few people know this technique I learned it from my grandparents, it is so sensitive and valuable too.

Mouna stone Healing is often life-changing experience that uses the light touches and moving the Mouna stone all over the body to feel the energy of the Arunachala Mountain; to refresh the human body, mind, and spirit, thus, the effects of a healing session may be felt on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Mouna stone Healing is different from Reiki, pranic healing, or any technique you have encountered.

Being deeply loved gives you strength, loving deeply gives you courage. ...Laozi

Three sessions

1st - based on gentle touch and moving the mouna stone all over the body

2nd - based on fingers touch and place the mouna stone in particular points.

3rd - based on highly sensitive touches.

(Duration-1 hour for each session)




Rock paintings (Pre-Historical)


Globally, the study of rock art and their interpretations gained momentum in the Field of archaeology. Archaeologists not only denoted the artistic skill of the people who had painted them, also their beliefs and their daily activities. The paintings on the rock shelters are mostly the hunting scenes and human activities.

(Duration-1 Day)


Arunachala Paintings


We are selling our own creative, beautiful and lively Arunachala paintings in Tiruvannamalai.

Our nature artist Kumar is an expert in murals, canvas and water colors. If you are interested please contact us. We would be happy to show you the painting which is a wonderful way to take home some memories of your visit to Arunachala.


Secret of Shakti


Inspired by Arunachala and the surrounding nature Ashok Kumar is a self-taught artist using the medium of watercolor and ink Drawing. His work contains hidden secrets which may be revealed only when studied closely with a calm and meditative mind.

Ashok has developed a series of paintings along the theme of the power and nature of a woman.


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